The Transport and Logistics industry equals technology, innovation, integration and globalization. Success is dependent on operative efficiency and  the assurance that the delivery is brought to the point of destination.

Both in B2B and B2C directions, companies and organizations search integrated solutions to help optimize expenses and to minimize deficiencies during the delivery from the production house to the end consumer. The time and place are two factors, which allow to turn challenges into benefits.

Whether it’s a logistics complex, road, train, sea freight or air freight, Samoylov Steinhauser’s campaigns help communicate the concrete benefits of your brand to the target audience. We use all the possible channels to form and support a positive image to increase the brand and product awareness. With the help of PR instruments, such as internet marketing and corporate communications, we create a community that is interested in your products and the capacity of your brand. Additional to this community, potential partners and clients exist that are able to raise your business to the next level.