JULY 2012

Latest news from the agency include a further collaboration with NATL in developing the construction company’s communication program. The main objective of the cooperation is to combine the 18 years of experience in project management with a strong visual presence in order to establish a powerful new image of the construction company. With a clear communication plan, the reputation of being a leading market player in its segment will be established.

The initial step of the cooperation begins with the rebranding of the company in which the positioning, brand platform and marketing materials are defined. The tasks include defining and shaping the format and the stages of the communication with the types of channels such as the corporate site, online presentations, electronic and paper documents, and email templates. These steps and additional marketing materials are aimed at increasing the brand awareness by additionally emphasizing the unique selling propositions that Natl offers to their target consumers and partners.

About Natl
Since 1994 the company’s reputation has grown to become one of the leading construction companies in Moscow and regions of Russia. The company provides a full range of renovation and development work as well as the function of a general contractor in different unique projects. The fundamental principles of Natl is exceptional quality of work in combination of utilising the latest high tech. The company’s distinctive feat is their specialization in the social facilities sector such as schools and preschools, secondary and higher education and healthcare institutions.

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