MAY 2013

Samoylov Steinhauser is now offering Business and Corporate Events in Switzerland. The offers are tailored to suit the clients’ preferences in style, format and set objectives for events that stretch from conferences, forums, round tables, roadshows, business negotiations, to exhibitions and corporate events.

Switzerland is an ideal platform for developing strategic alliances and infrastructures, as well as for business networking on an international scale. It’s a country where you find high-tech, comfortable transport infrastructures, dynamic business and community environment, international organizations and wide choice of recreational and outdoor activities. All of these resources allow an efficient and productive use of time while stopping over for a trip, private or business. As a result, business, personal aspirations and tourism can be conveniently combined in one single program.

Samoylov Steinhauser offers a 360 degree support in projects. The approach can cover strategy and branding elements, scenario planning, logistics, outsourcing management, and working with the business community at the events.

Samoylov Steinhauser team offer:

  • A thorough knowledge of the features and area of the Swiss Confederation. Our project managers live and work in Switzerland. The client will receive detailed information on different areas and opportunities in Zurich, Basel, Geneva, Lucerne, Bern, Davos, and other cities, depending on the purpose, format and size of the planned activities.
  • A pool of established partners: translation services and digital printing, warehousing, multimedia production, workshops for metal and acrylic, paint shop, rentals and many others.
  • A clear planning and organization system and maximum transparency throughout the project. The planning system includes an account that the client can access and keep track of the stages and cycles throughout the project, which is then reflected in a Gantt chart. An additional feature that includes daily email alerts for the latest developments of the project will be included.
  • Professionals that speak either German, French, Spanish, English or Russian.
  • Print and digital materials that are produced directly by Samoylov Steinhauser.
  • Recommendations for cost optimizations, that include favorable conditions and special offers for goods and services.

About Samoylov Steinhauser
Samoylov Steinhauser is a Swiss-Russian partnership of experienced consultants practicing in Marketing and PR. Since 2005, the PR firm develops and executes complete communication campaigns that involve strategy analysis, marketing, public relations, and special events. Samoylov Steinhauser offers specialized service packages in the areas: Technology, Hospitality, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics, Sport and Wellness, Fashion and Beauty. The PR firm’s vocation is to immerse deeply into the client’s business in order to analyze all the risks and factors and to work coherently with the established strategy in a structured way, involving the application of every individual’s talent to the maximum. For additional information:

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