More than 30 million people in Russia are searching daily for useful information in the Internet.

Today’s modern technology has led companies, organizations and brands to discover the instruments of new media and internet marketing that enable direct communication with a broad audience with comparatively low costs.

By implementing the wide range of possibilities that the Internet provides, Samoylov Steinhauser is able to execute communication campaigns with quality. We know the benefits of SEO, social media and further rapidly changing media sphere.

Our campaigns and activities help increase significantly brand awareness, accelerate the spread of brand message, support reputation and build valuable contact with critical audiences.

Samoylov Steinhauser offers:

  • Key audience analysis
  • Company, brand or person monitoring
  • Competitor activity monitoring and analysis
  • Advertisements and PR-Campaigns in the Internet
  • Online-reputation management
  • Corporate sites (from promotion sites to complex business portals)
  • Generating content, online articles and press-releases
  • Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing (Yandex, Google, etc.)
  • PPC and banner ads
  • Online conferences and web surveys
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Working with opinion leaders, fostering audience engagement in forums, blogs, portals, and social networks
  • Conducting corporate and personal blogging
  • Social network strategies (Facebook, Linkedin, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Twitter etc.)
  • Community management
  • Gossip/rumor support and strategic information leaks in social medias
  • Viral marketing, teaser campaigns, flash games
  • Promotions, contests, lottery, etc.
  • Creating personalized non-standard communication methods
  • iPhone/iPad apps
  • Regular web analytics & reports