Mass Media is a highly effective channel for spreading information and forming social opinions.

The daily activities of Samoylov Steinhauser are focused on placing strategic stories that are in-line with the core media relations strategy in the traditional and online media. Our media campaigns systematically increase the key audience’s advocacy to the organization and its products; as a result, we create an intangible asset that supports your company’s reputation and market position.

The main ingredients in our operations are experience, connections and creative ideas. We develop cutting edge news and media events, anticipate audience’s expectation and interest from the mass-media, and we spread messages across a wide audience in tight time schedules.

Media Campaigns:

  • Developing, planning and executing media campaigns
  • Working with business-orientated or specialized online and printed media
  • One on one cooperation with radio stations and television production companies
  • Publicity of product and service launches;
  • News support of business and cultural-entertainment events (exhibitions, forums, presentations, seminars etc.)
  • Organizing media events (press conferences, press-briefings, roundtables, press-breakfasts, media tours, exclusive interviews etc.)
  • External press-office
  • Developing ideas, messages and content
  • Targeted media base
  • Generating a pool of loyal journalists
  • Preparation of news and various content for the media

Media and Social Media Monitoring:

  • Monitoring a brand, company, organization, or individuals
  • Monitoring quotes, opinions and comments
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Assembling personalized company event calendars
  • Press clippings

Media Analysis:

  • Analyzing and detecting target audiences
  • Analyzing threats and opportunities for media campaigns
  • Competitor analysis
  • Analysis of PR campaign effectiveness
  • PR value calculations
  • Sector and industry related digests

For the Top Management/CEO:

  • Top Management Branding
  • Placing company representatives as media expert counselors
  • Creation & support of mass media interest for top management comments
  • Organizing personal meetings and interviews with media representatives
  • Media trainings (for company representatives)