We develop and execute successful events. Our goal is to attract public attention through promotional activities to attributes of your company, product or brand.

Together with our client, we progress from creative concepts and planning to organizing and executing.

We pay attention to details. Our events are clearly organized, consistent with the established strategies, and they meet budgets and deadlines.

Business Events:

  • Conferences, press conferences, roundtables, business seminars
  • Fairs and festivals
  • Master classes & trainings
  • Product test-driving

Reputation and Image-Building Activities:

  • Opening ceremonies of product launches
  • Social receptions, banquets
  • PR-activities, promotional campaigns, and presentations
  • Sponsorships and charity events

Corporate Sport Events:

  • Organizing corporate events, tournaments, competitions etc.

Corporate Holidays:

  • Corporate New Year Event
  • Employee awards ceremony, end-of-year business results etc.